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Operation and registration

What is SICTVOO?

SICTVOO is a community site of observations / angers / innovative ideas, developments and solutions (CULTURE, EDUCATION, ENVIRONMENT, JOB, and so on).
The members of the site express their vision to improve the world, through the different fields thus proposed.

Nevertheless, if a member wishes to integrate a new domain, he / she may request it.

The philosophy of the site follows a cycle of the idea drawing its source in the motto: «One reaps what one sows».
The solutions chosen by the community will complement the desired program to be realized by domain at the end of the cycle.

Presentation of the idea cycle:


I sow a seed
The member posts an
observation for a domain

We water
The community
develops the observation

We cultivate
The community is looking
for solutions for
the implementation of
observation / development(s)

We reap
The community finds
the observations to the best solutions
and developments,
and can participate in the concretization


I sow a seed

A member of the site post here its observation for a domain.

The member of the site can express himself or herself by video YouTube, indicating the path of the source.

The seed, once posted, is published and made available for discovery on the main page of the site.
To facilitate reading, several filters (sort by dates, sort by domain, and so on) are available.

The community gives its opinion on the seed, if the total of the votes obtains a positive result greater than or equal to 100,
The seed is then retained, under the heading: «Seed germinated».

We water

In this phase of the site, the members propose their points of view to develop an observation filed.

Each proposal will be voted on by the community.
Those which will obtain a positive result greater than or equal to 100, will be retained under the heading: «Irrigated crop».

We cultivate

The purpose of this section is to find suitable solutions for the implementation of the observation filed.

The members post their solutions and the latter are submitted to the votes of the community.
The solutions which obtain a positive result greater than or equal to 100, will be retained under the title: «Ripe fruit».

We reap

This part relates to the programs of the wishes expressed by the members of the site, inherited from the previous phases, classified by domain.

A seed is mature when at least one «Ripe fruit» solution is attached to it.

In a program, there will thus be found a wish constituted in this way:

       The observation (Seed mature)

             The best developments (Irrigated crops)

             The best solutions (Ripe fruits)

             The activities assigned by the members to concretize the idea

Why register?

Registration is completely free. The entire site remains visible to visitors.

However, in case of abuse of any kind whatsoever, the administrator reserves the right to act accordingly (temporary or permanent ban).

The badges

The more you participate in the site and the more you collect community badges.

Special groups

There are special groups that allow you to access reserved features. You will find: moderators, proofreaders, and so on

These groups can welcome new members.
In new membership applications, panellists deliberate and give their advice to the administrator who accepts or rejects the request.

The forum

The forum is visible to all but participation is reserved for members.

Once you have a local account (excluding Facebook and Google+), your forum account will automatically be created.

Facebook and Google+ members must create a forum account. It is then advisable to take the same nickname so that the connection is easier.

User profil

The nickname

When you register, you must choose a nickname. This one can not be modified. It must contain only numbers and letters.

Private messaging

Once registered, you have access to a private messaging service that will allow you to contact other members of the site.

User settings

You can modify your profile by going to «My Profile» of your personal space.

You will be able to modify: your general profil, your signature and your avatar.

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You want to support us?

SICTVOO is a completely free community site.

Your contributions will allow us to fund the hosting and to constantly improve the site.

You can give from 1 to 1,000,000 € for those who wish! Of course we also accept with gratitude more than 1.000.000 €... :)

It's this way

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Lost password or access to member space impossible?

If you have a connection problem, the administrator will not be able to find them because the passwords are encrypted.

In the login area you find the link: «Forgot password?», and follow the procedure.

How to add an avatar?

To add an avatar, log in and go to your User settings in «My Profile».
At the bottom of the page you can import an image or choose one of the avatars proposed by the site.

For importing an image, the size is fixed at 80px * 80px and the weight at 50Ko.